Better Network Panel - a Chrome extension

"As a Salesforce and Vlocity developer, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my workflow, speed up my debugging, and find answers fast."


Over the last couple months, part of my debugging process has involved using the Chrome DevTools "Network" panel to find a specific apexremote call. The search to find one apexremote call out of dozens has been… annoying.

The page loads, several dozen apexremote calls flood the panel, and I start clicking each one, until the correct one (i.e. Request-Body contains "xyz") and I can proceed to look at the Preview.

The issue has only just begun, as I need to inspect the Response, perform some searches for IDs and the like, and although the Response is JSON format, the node in the response I need to search is stringified in a child member. So I must copy the data, parse it somehow, either locally on my machine or on the web ( has been great) and finally perform the searching I need.

And all of the above is done several times a day.


BNP for Chrome

I present to you a Better Network Panel. A Chrome extension that adds a new panel, and offers great features like:

  • Full Search - Entire request is searchable (i.e. headers, request body, etc…), not just URI
  • JSON Parsing - Even nested members that contain stringified JSON are parsed to 3 levels deep
  • JSON Search - Incremental searching is available directly in the Preview pane
  • Regex Search - Powerfull regex searches can be performed on the Preview pane
  • More to come

Open source baby

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Special Thanks

A huge thanks and recognition goes to Milton Lai and his project SAML Chrome Panel. I started from a fork of his project, but later started fresh as there was a lot of SAML specific code that this project doesn't use/need. The UI is nearly identical, but the code underneath has become fairly different at this point.

The SAML Chrome Panel was a huge help and ispiration! Thank you Milton and contributors to the SAML Chrome Panel project!